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Spring Term 2





We have had a fantastic term. What fun the DT food festival was, where we made pea guacamole and tortilla cups; we worked on our cutting and mixing skills. We also had a wonderful trip to Sainsbury’s to get some ingredients to make pancakes! Delicious!



Our topic in Literacy this half term was ‘Growing’. 

We started off our half term with a trip to Sainsbury’s to get the ingredients to make pancakes. Bumblebees, Ladybirds and Butterflies all really enjoyed writing shopping lists! 

We looked at the life cycle of frogs, butterflies and humans - really enjoying reading our book called ‘Tad’ by Benji Davies


We learnt about how to look after Bumblebees with Winnie the Pooh and lots of us were excited to learn how to look after bees and their habitats. We spent a lot of time exploring our new nature trail in the playground - we even spotted some bumblebees along the way!          



In Maths this half term we have been learning about patterns. Some of us have been focusing on making repeating patterns and later in the half term we looked at patterns that have more than two items.

We also have been really trying hard with our number formation and learning how to add single digit numbers together.      

Understanding the world

We had a wonderful time making pancakes, as part of our learning from our book ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’ by Jan Fearley. We cracked the eggs, weighed out the flour and measured the milk. We took turns mixing the ingredients together and then had a wonderful time tasting the pancakes once they were cooked!


Later in the term, we planted our own seeds. We learnt about the life cycle of a plant and what they needed to grow. We made sure they had enough light, soil and water.          

Expressive art and design


During our music lessons with Mr Mather, we spent time learning lots of songs ready for our Spring Sing. We learnt a Swahili lullaby called ‘Allunde Allunde’, a Wollof song called ‘Be be yo’ and ‘Three Little Birds’ by Bob Marley.  We performed in our houses with the whole school and it was a great success!                        

During free flow, we had the opportunity to have a go at making some paper plate life cycles and making observational paintings of spring daffodils!

Personal, Social and Emotional

Our theme this year for World Book Day was ‘Get comfy and read’. We did a class swap with some of the older years and loved sharing all sorts of books with them! 


At the end of the half term, we were lucky to meet Miss Georgia’s dog Dylan! He came to school and we learnt all about how to look after a pet, the different parts of a dog and spoke about their life cycles.