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 Reading Machine
 Practise reading cvc (consonant, vowel, consonant) words with the
 reading machine. Choose the correct word from the three displayed
 to match the object on the machine. Click next to go to the next

 Word Blender Game
 Help Wordblender by choosing the start and end sounds for each
 word. Press 'GO' to find out if you're right! At the end of the game
 you can print all your words and keep them.

 Sandcastle Game
 Build a sandcastle by clicking on the sandpie with the correct
 spelling to fill in the gaps in the words written in the sand. When
 you have finished you can print out the sandcastle with all the
 words written on the sandpies.

 Look Cover Write Game
 Choose a set of words then practise spelling them using the look,
 cover, write, check technique.

Penguins on Ice
Sentence building and punctuation games.

 Story Plant
 Grow your own story using the story plant!