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Sudbourne Primary School is part of the international Mathletics community, a web-based maths learning program! We are confident that Mathletics will enhance our pupils' enjoyment of their maths learning at school and at home. Pupils are given information about how to login-in at the start of each school year.


 IXL Maths
 An abundance of maths problems for every learning style to 
 help but build lasting skills and confidence. For all ages from
 Reception to year 11.

 Starship Maths
 Interactive maths games for Key Stage 1.

 Mad for Maths
 A fun ks2 numeracy website to test numeracy skills.



Primary Games Arena - Maths.
Primary Games Arena claim to have largest collection of primary school curriculum games in the universe! Why don't you log-in and see if it's true!


 Maths Games 
 Fantastic free maths games to help practice
 maths skills including counting, addition and 
 subtraction, times tables, fractions,  measuring, 
 shapes, angles, telling the time and lots more.