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Creative Curriculum

How do you become a Superhero? What was it like to be a Saxon settler? Would an alien wear underpants? The journey of a cocoa bean? What makes an invention worth investing in? Can you make your own Aztec woven bag? How did it feel to be a passenger on the Windrush?  How does a windmill work?

These are only some of the exciting questions our pupils have been asking and exploring here at Sudbourne this year.... 

To bring these topics to life and capture our pupils' imagination we use techniques such as outdoor lessons, educational visits, theatre trips, dress-up days, hands-on 'explorer' lessons, 'expert into school' days, parent workshops and show days.

Recent changes in the National Curriculum have been used to enhance and update all our topic based units with new themes, resources and learning outcomes.  We have been busy making as many natural links to subjects as possible and teaching cross curricular skills in unison such as detailed map-design from a visit to our local Brixton Windmill, Ashby Mill, whilst in maths learning co-ordinates and scales.

We use an enquiry led approach to ensure our subjects are taught within a unifying theme.  This allows us to provide our pupils with a more meaningful, rich and exciting array of classroom experiences, that relate, inspire and enthuse our young learners' imagination.

Our versatile ‘teacher led, pupil driven’ approach allows us to respond to pupils interests within a topic and adapt them around current events and local community projects that provide relevance and real life contexts.

Key skills in union with subject knowledge, provide a balanced, yet far more hands on approach to exploratory learning, which we hope provide enthusiastic, memorable learning opportunities. Our aim is that this approach not only stimulates enhanced communication opportunities and problem-solving skills, but embeds the love of learning for the rest of our children's lives.

DownloadsPhase 1 Autumn 2 Overview(3).pdf Phase 2 Aut2 Reduce Reuse Recycle.pdf Phase 3 Term 2 Brixton.pdf Phase 3 Parent Outline Autumn 2(6).pdf EYFS Curriculum Overview Term 2 2018 2019 The Three Little Pigs.pdf EYFS Curriculum Overview Term 3 2018 2019 Whatever Next.pdf Phase 1 Spring 1 Overview Victorians.pdf Phase 2 Spring 1 Mayan civilisation.pdf Phase 3 Term 3 Aztecs .pdf Phase 3 Parent Outline Spring 1(1).pdf EYFS Curriculum Overview Term 4 2018 2019 The Fish Who Could Wish.pdf Phase 1 Spring 2 Overview(1).pdf Phase 2 Spring Term 4 Curriculum Overview.pdf Phase 3 Term 4 Curriculum Overview.pdf Phase 3 Term 4 Parent Outline.pdf