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Geography at Sudbourne

EYFS - We help the children explore similarities and differences between places that are important to them, primarily their local environment and the places their families come from.

Key Stage 1 - Children develop their awareness of place and learn basic geographical skills such as the use of maps and grids.  Geography is taught through topics which begin with Enquiry Questions such as 'What is it like to live in a different country? Where does the sun go when it disappears? and why are windmills so important? 

Key Stage 2 - Exploration continues at a more advanced level. Through a variety of fun and challenging topics children develop key geographical skills including:

  • Use and communication of data, including through fieldwork
  • Interpreting maps, diagrams, globes etc.
  • Communicating - eg: through maps and writing

By the end of their time at Sudbourne, each child will have experienced a wide variety of learning opportunities in order to develop their knowledge and understanding of place, space and scale and the ways in which they connect.  Our overall aim is to ensure geography is a motivating, challenging, fun and topical subject and to give pupils the confidence and skills to answer core geographical questions.


  • What is this place called?
  • What is it like?
  • What kind of human and physical features does it have?
  • How and why is it changing?
  • What do people do here?
  • How do I feel about it?
  • How does it compare to other places?


  • Where is this place?
  • How does it connect to other places?
  • How can it be mapped?
  • What is unique about its location?


  • How does my view of this place change when I zoom in or out?
  • How and why are places connected at different scales?