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At Sudbourne, PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education) is split into three main areas: Emotional Development, Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) and Health and Drug Education (HDE).

We teach PSHE once a week, using a variety of teaching approaches, such as circle time, discussions, role play, video clips and games. We encourage the children to always respect one another’s opinions, to actively listen to each other and to focus on finding solutions to their problems in a positive way.

 Over the academic year we follow six main areas of learning: 

  1. New Beginnings (how to make a positive start to the new year)

  2. Say No To Bullying (strategies to deal with negative behaviour)

  3. Going For Goals (setting realistic goals and breaking into steps)

  4. SRE (understanding how our bodies work)

  5. HDE (making positive and healthy choices)

  6. Transition (reflecting on the next steps in our school journey)

 For each of these areas, the four aspects of learning in which knowledge, skills and understanding are developed are:

 self awareness       empathy      managing feelings      social skills.

 As the children move from the Early Years Foundation Stage to Phase 1 we would expect them to develop basic skills in these areas, focusing primarily on themselves and those in their close family. As the children move into Phase 2 we would expect them to build on these skills, developing a more in-depth understanding of what it means to show empathy, as well as a growing degree of self awareness. By Phase 3, we expect the children to have developed these skills to a greater level, applying them in school, at home and in the outside world.