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Minecraft Commands!

‘Commands’ are in-game cheats that can make life for an experienced player much easier. The only problem is, lots of players don’t know where to find them. Some useful commands to know off the top of your head are:

  • /gamemode. This changes the mode you play in and affects your experience as a player. If you put‘s’ after the command, it will change you to survival.
  • /tp. This teleports the player to a desired location. This uses ‘x’, ‘y’ and ‘z’ co-ordinates – which can be found by pressing the ‘F3’ button
  • /weather. This changes the weather depending on whether you enter ‘clear’, ‘rain’ or ‘thunder’
  • /time set. This changes the time of day. It uses either numbers to represent digital time or the words ‘day’ and ‘night’

06/03/2017 - By Max Class 3


Rocket League

Rocket League is a ‘pegi 7’ rated console car-football game (XBox 1 and PS4)  – which means football with cars as the players. The game is very friendly although when you are playing, there is an online chat which allows you to talk to the opposition and your team.

In Rocket League there are several rules on how to stay safe for example, don’t tell anyone your personal details. If someone says something that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell an adult and DO NOT reply! Other things not to do include scoring own goals on purpose to annoy your team mate as they could say something they swiftly regret because you are ruining their game.


Let us know if this blog post inspired you to play!


27/02/2017 - By Llewelyn Class 3