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Youtube - How to report things that make you uncomfortable!

YouTube is an excellent website for: DIYs, gaming, watching other YouTubers and becoming one yourself! This website/app is good for exploring and learning more fun, crazy stuff. But sometimes, when you’re not expecting it, unwanted stuff pop up which you might not want to see.  This blog is here to help! This is here to guide you though it!

So let’s begin! For example, if do see something you don't like and you feel really uncomfortable then first of all, tell a parent or carer at home about this. It might be that the video is truly distrubing, so you might feel that it is necessary to report the video. If you scroll down, underneath the video description, you will see add to, share and more. If you click on more, you can either report or add translations. Click on report (you have to sign in so this is when you probably get a parent or adult to help you). Once you have finished, click yes or anything that agrees with you. Then the video is reported! Now the video will be probably be taken down. 


20/03/2017 - By Keiarna, Class 3


Hour of Code

Hour of code is an online coding website. It contains many coding games and allows you to explore code. A popular game on Hour of Code is Minecraft. It guides you one step at a time to building on our exisiting coding skills.  On Minecraft Designer you can code animals and design buildings. Also on Minecraft Adventure you can explore a whole world through code. 


There are many other games too such as Make Music with Scratch and Kano Pixel Hack. What’s your favourite?

06/03/2017 - By Charlie Class 1