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Modern Foreign Languages

At Sudbourne Primary School we believe learning a modern foreign language helps pupils develop their interest in the similarities and differences between themselves and others. This includes broadening their understanding of other countries, communities, culture and peoples.  Learning the basics of a foreign language also helps pupils develop their language/communication skills and can enhance self esteem.  This is a key strategy used in the classroom where teachers utilise different languages as part of their daily practice, for example in EYFS we say "Hello" in many different languages for the register!

Spanish is taught at Sudbourne by a native speaker specialist from Year 1 to Year 6.  In KS2 children learn Spanish for a half hour session whilst in KS1 children have a 15 minute lesson.

As part of our curriculum, children make progress in listening, speaking, reading and writing and the main focus is practical communication with emphasis in phonics which helps pronounciation, spelling and decoding of unfamiliar words.  Children are encouraged to engage in spontaneous conversation building on prior knowledge.  After an example has been set, children converse with each other and can use the same structure giving the information of their choice.

Our Spanish lessons are creative and topic-based.  We use songs and games as well as story-telling, booklets and role plays.  We watch video clips from the Internet to illustrate language in a real context as well as to raise cultural awareness of the Spanish-speaking world.

French is offered as a fun after school club which is always in high demand.  Every year a school trip to Boulogne is offered for French Club participants and their families.

We recently held an 'International Children's Day' where many different faiths and cultures came together to try different foods and celebrate each other! We also had entertainment such as karate, music and dancing.. what a fantastic celebration!