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Sudbourne library is something that all the children and staff are very proud of.

In a recent survey of how children felt about the school, the library scored highly across all three phases and was cited as a “relaxing”, “fun” and  “whacky” environment and was voted as one of the three best things about the school day (along with cricket and swimming).

How the library began

Sudbourne’s library was started in 2007. It was originally set up in response to a growing problem with literacy in the school, which was summed up in a survey by the children as “reading is something we only do with our teacher”.

We realised that many children did not have access to quality books that inspired reading for pleasure. In response to this a group of committed parents, governors and staff decided to take the big step of creating a welcoming, attractive place, full of books that would inspire a life-long love of reading.

Our Mission

The library aims to retain the focus of the children by keeping the visiting experience as a fun and relaxing time. Children visit with their class teacher once a week and can borrow a book for three weeks. They are offered guidance by our fantastic librarian, but ultimately they choose what they take home. Juniors can come in during break time to browse, change a book or have a quiet read. Year six children are appointed as library monitors and can do jobs for the library on Fridays.

Our librarian regularly notifies children via posters or PowerPoint presentations during assembly of new acquisitions to whet their appetites. The library also has regular clubs and organises several events a year to keep the children feeling that it is a lively, exciting place to be!