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Time 4 You

What is Time 4 You?

At Sudbourne we believe that children who are happy and feel safe and secure will strive to reach their full potential in school!

If any child is feeling sad, worried, upset or concerned about anything (inside or out of school), they are invited to book a Time 4 You session with a qualified member of staff to share their problems and work in partnership to solve them.

Appointments are made during morning break.

  • Sessions take place during lunch break and last 10 minutes.
  • Appointments can be made singly or as a group.
  • Repeat appointments are welcomed.

 Why is Time 4 You important?

Communication is an important aspect of a child’s development and the cornerstone to any problem solving or conflict resolution.

Time 4 You gives all children the opportunity to talk and be listened to without being judged. 

  • It’s nice to have someone to talk to within school
  • It helps to develop communication skills
  • It promotes problem solving
  • It helps develop self-esteem and self-awareness
  • Children feel safe in school.

 Time 4 You

Express your worries or concerns before they have the chance to build up!

Nothing is too big or too small!


DownloadsTime4You 2014 Impact Data.pdf