Values and Ethos

Sudbourne Primary School is proud of its set of values that we all work hard to uphold each day.  We value:

Kindness - Behaving in a friendly and generous way

Celebration - Recognising and enjoying the best within ourselves and each other

Integrity - We do the right thing

Perseverance - Keeping going, no matter what

Achievement - Accomplishing our goals through effort and commitment

Aspiration - The ambition to accomplish our dreams


Sudbourne's mission is:

To inspire and empower our children to flourish through a nurturing, inclusive and fulfilling education.


Our vision for Sudbourne is:

At Sudbourne School we aim high and take on challenges, confident that success comes from effort, perseverance and resilience.  As a school of excellence, we nurture every child’s passions and ignite their enthusiasm for learning and for life. We contribute in positive ways to our community, both near and far, ‘giving back’ to others in the knowledge that we all have a unique and valuable contribution to make to the world we live in.