Reception Admissions

Sudbourne Primary School admits 45 children to the Reception year group.  Children are eligible to start school in the academic year during which they will turn 5 years old.  The deadline to apply for a Reception school place is 15th January for the following September.

If you are interested in applying for a place for your child at Sudbourne Primary School or you wish to arrange a visit, please contact a member of our admin team via email: or by telephone: 020 7274 7631 or in person by popping in to the main school office; they will be happy to help.

There is no automatic entry from our Nursery class to our Reception classes.

How to Apply for a Reception Place at Sudbourne

Applications to Sudbourne, a Lambeth primary school, must be made through your home borough.  This means that:

- If you live in Lambeth, you should apply through Lambeth at Lambeth eAdmissions

- If you live in Southwark, you should apply through Southwark at Southwark eAdmissions

- If you live in Wandsworth, you should apply through Wandsworth at Wandsworth eAdmissions

For further advice on applying for a school place in Lambeth, contact the Lambeth School Admissions Team or visit their website:

Phone: 020 7926 9503

Website: Lambeth School Admissions

Sudbourne's Admissions Policy

Click HERE to read our admissions policy for Reception to Year 6 entry.

Admissions to the school are managed by the London Borough of Lambeth.  Sudbourne operates the standard admissions policy for a Lambeth community school.  Places are allocated in order of priority, based on the following criteria:

1. Looked-after children

2. Siblings

3. Medical and social needs which are best met by Sudbourne (this requires professionally supported evidence which is assessed by the Local Authority)

4. Children of staff

5. Distance from the school (in a straight line)