Art and Design

Children experience and learn a variety of different key skills and processes such as drawing; paint and colour; print; clay; construction and fabric. The children use a variety of tools and materials when working in different mediums.  Through this the children can explore different elements of art – line, shape, form, colour, tone and pattern. 

In making art, we value the process of making as much as the final product.

The children are always encouraged to look at and respond to a wide variety of artwork.  By linking Art to the wider curriculum through topic work, it has increased the levels of motivation throughout the curriculum.

Phase 1 (Years 1 and 2)


Phase 1

Cycle A


Cycle B



Art and Design: Kapow Y1 - Formal Elements of Art

Shape, line and colour

  • to use shape, line and colour to create abstract forms
  • to develop mark-making techniques
  • to mix primary and secondary paint colours
  • to create abstract art inspired by other artists

Focus Artists: Beatriz Milhazes, Jasper Johns




Art and Design: Kapow Y2 - Formal Elements of Art

  • to identify and paint repeating patterns
  • to take rubbings of different textures
  • to create art from rubbings inspired by artist Max Ernst
  • to learn to use pencils to create different tones
  • to creating tonal drawings of the solar system

Focus Artists: Max Ernst, Ed Ruscha




Design Technology: Kapow Y1 - Cooking and Nutrition

Fruits and Vegetables  

  • to understand where food comes from
  • to use the basic principles of a healthy and varied diet to prepare dishes
  • to design purposeful, functional, appealing products based on design criteria
  • to generate, develop, model and communicate their ideas through talking, drawing, templates, mock-ups
  • to select from and use a range of tools and equipment to perform practical tasks and wide range of materials and components (i.e. ingredients) according to their characteristics

Focus Artists: Various   



Design Technology: Kapow Y2 – Food

A Balanced Diet

  • to identify what makes a balanced diet
  • to taste test combinations of different food groups before designing and making a wrap
  • to design packaging for a smoothie
  • to prepare food safely and hygienically
  • to chop safely using the bridge grip
  • to conduct product research
  • to evaluate a design
  • to understand how fruit and vegetables grow
  • to know the food groups
  • to understand what makes a balanced diet

Focus Artists: Various




Art and Design: Kapow Y1 - Art and Design Skills  

Painting: Colour Mixing

  • to develop skill and control with painting
  • to mix and applying colour
  • to understand how art relates to the world around us
  • to understand the significance of using of colour by artists
  • to use the language of art
  • to represent emotions through colour (SMSC)

Craft: Printing (Example theme: Great Fire of London)

  • to use materials and printmaking techniques
  • to use colour, shape, form, and pattern
  • to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in own work

Drawing: Experimenting with Media

  • to draw geometric shapes inspired by the artist Kandinsky
  • to draw using 2D geometric shapes

Focus Artists: Kandinsky, Louis Wain




Art and Design: Kapow Y2 - Art and Design Skills

  • to create a piece of art to express personal feelings and interests
  • to create drawings through the application of tone and shading
  • to explore drawing techniques, developing ability to apply tone to create form
  • to create repeating patterns using clay and use 3D clay to create 2D printed patterns and sculptural forms
  • to develop skill and control using a paintbrush and explore colour through sweeping brush strokes

Focus Artists: Clarice Cliff



Design and Technology: Kapow Y1-Mechanisms

Moving story books

  • to explore what levers and sliders do to create movement in a story book
  • to understand what a mechanism is
  • to understand how to create different movement
  • to design for others
  • to assemble levers and sliders accurately
  • to create different movements (up, down, along and around)
  • to test a finished product

Focus Artists: Various                   



Design and Technology: Kapow Y2 – Structures

Baby Bear’s Chair

  • to experiment with different shapes and manipulate materials to explore and evaluate a range of structural properties
  • to design for others, using criteria and apply knowledge of structures
  • to cut and assemble accurately
  • to explore examples of natural & manmade structures
  • to test and evaluate
  • to understand the definition and importance of strength, stability and stiffness
  • to know that different shapes can strengthen or weaken structures and that materials can be manipulated to improve strength and stiffness

Focus Artists: Various






Art and Design: Kapow Y1 - Sculpture & Living Things

(swap w. T1 Cycle A)

  • to use a range of materials creatively to design and make products
  • to use drawing, painting and sculpture to develop and share their ideas, experiences and imagination
  • to learn about the work of a range of artists, craft makers and designers, describing the differences and similarities between different practices and disciplines, and making links to own work
  • to develop a wide range of art and design techniques in using shape, form and space

Focus Artists: Beatriz Mihazes





Art and Design: Kapow Y2 - Human Form

Collage, portraits and sculpture

  • to use the human form as a basis for making art
  • to create 2D art to explore their feelings about the world
  • to create textures
  • to learn about the impact of tone and colour
  • to study natural forms in the world around them and relating it to their own artwork
  • to understand the development of art forms
  • to describe the strengths and weaknesses of works of art

Focus Artists: Various



Design and Technology: Kapow Y1 – Structures


  • to design and create own structure and functioning windmill
  • to design for others
  • to assemble different components to work together to create motion
  • to assemble accurately
  • to cut neatly
  • to test a finished product
  • to develop awareness of different structures for different purposes
  • to understand how to turn 2D nets into 3D structures
  • to understand what mechanisms are

Focus Artists: Various




Design and Technology: Kapow Y2 – Textiles


  • to consider purpose in the design process
  • to thread a needle
  • to sew a running stitch
  • to repair fabrics for sewing
  • to discuss the making process and the finished product
  • to identify parts of a needle (point and eye)
  • to understand the alternative ways of joining fabrics and embellishments
  • to design and make own wallet or purse
  • to use running stitch to join two pieces of fabric together

Focus Artists: Various


Phase 2 (Years 3 and 4)

Phase 2

Cycle A


Cycle B



Art and Design: Kapow Y3

Formal Elements of Art

  • to identify, draw and label shapes around the school
  • to identify geometric shapes within an object and sketching
  • to wire a sculpture
  • to learn the four rules of shading
  • to understand tone: shading from light to dark

Focus Artists: Various





Art and Design: Kapow Y4

Formal Elements of Art

  • to use charcoal mark making to create drawings to represent words and phrases
  • to use playdough prints working with clay tools
  • to use stamp print making stamps from geometric shapes to create prints
  • to create reflection and symmetry patterns using symmetry and reflection
  • to create flower prints using a geometric pattern with a compass

Focus Artists: Various




Design and Technology: Kapow Y3 – Structures 

Castles (swap w. T4 Cycle A)

  • to learn more advanced construction techniques and plan for complex arrangements of structures with continual emphasis on evaluating throughout
  • to plan for manufacture
  • to establish and use design criteria to help focus and evaluate their work
  • to use more demanding practical skills (paper engineering/paper folding techniques) with increasing accuracy
  • to evaluate as they work
  • to evaluate own and other’s final product
  • to apply of prior knowledge and increasing knowledge of nets
  • to apply their understanding of how to strengthen, stiffen and reinforce more complex structures

Focus Artists: Various




Design and Technology: Kapow Y4 – Food

Adapting a Recipe

  • to adapt a recipe by adding or altering the ingredients
  • to work in groups to create a final design that falls within a set
    budget and design brief
  • to work within a design brief
  • to follow but adapting a recipe
  • to prepare food hygienically
  • to discuss flavours identified
  • to understand the costs behind professional food preparation
  • to understand the factors that contribute to product design

Focus Artists: Various




Art and Design: Kapow Y3 - Art and Design Skills

Craft and Design: Craft Puppets

  • to design and make 3D puppets
  • to design and make 3D forms using art materials and techniques

Painting: Tints and Shades

  • to paint templates in light and dark tones
  • to develop the ability to control the tonal quality of paint
  • to improve skill and technique when painting

Drawing: My Toy Story  

  • to use a range of drawing and sculptural materials to draw from observation
  • to develop use of line, tone and colour through drawing
  • to represent feelings and emotions about favourite objects

Learning About...Carl Giles

  • to draw cartoon characters on the theme of ‘family’
  • to develop drawing skills by identifying and representing key features
  • to learn about the work of a cartoon artist
  • to compare their work to that of famous artists

Focus Artists:  Carl Giles




Art and Design: Kapow Y4 - Art and Design Skills

Role of a curator in an art gallery

  • to learn how to present and display works of art
  • to learn how to present, speak and listen like an artist

Design: Optical Illusions -create an image using a form of printing

  • to develop techniques in using and applying printing methods
  • to represent ideas from multiple viewpoints and perspectives

Design: Willow Pattern -create a chinoiserie plate design

  • to dilute ink to create different shades and working with this new medium
  • to learning about a Chinese inspired art

Craft: Soap Sculptures - create 3D sculptures inspired by Barbara  Hepworth

  • to learn how to create 3D forms from everyday materials
  • to develop greater understanding of 3D form, design and texture
  • to express ideas and feelings on their own themes and designs
  • to learn how great artists made art and relating this to own work

Drawing: Still Life - still Life drawing

  • to develop techniques using drawing materials, using a pencil in different ways
  • to develop a greater understanding of tone and line through drawing
  • to learn how artist Giorgio Morandi composed his paintings

Painting: Paul Cezanne -painting in the style of the artist Paul Cezanne

  • to develop use of colour to create mood and emotion
  • to analyse the paintings of artist Paul Cezanne

Focus Artists:  Barbara  Hepworth,  Giorgio Morandi,  Paul Cezanne



Design and Technology: Kapow Y3 – Food

Eating Seasonally

  • to know how the climate a food is grown in can alter the way it tastes
  • to design to criteria
  • to safely prepare fruit and vegetables
  • to follow a recipe
  • to taste and evaluating their dessert
  • to know what foods are in season and when
  • to understand the benefits of foods by their colour
  • to know how climate alters the sweetness of food
  • to make a crumble and tart using seasonal ingredients

Focus Artists: Various



Design and Technology: Kapow Y4 –  Textiles


  • to research different types of fabric fastenings
  • to decide which they want to use in their design for a book sleeve
  • to design for others and planning production
  • to select suitable tools
  • to research existing products
  • to understand stitches and their benefits
  • to know how to use templates

Focus Artists: Various



Art and Design: Kapow Y3 - Prehistoric Art

Drawing, painting and  working with charcoal

  • to paint animal designs inspired by cave artists including a class creation and creating paints
  • to explore unusual mediums
  • to simplify to abstract form developing drawing and painting skills
  • to develop understanding of colour, line and form
  • to express thoughts and ideas about prehistoric art
  • to learn how prehistoric artists created painting materials
  • to understand and reflecting on why early humans created art

Focus Artists: Various




Art and Design: Kapow Y4 - Every picture tells a story  

Analysing famous artists’ works

  • to learn how great works of art tell stories via role play, games and analysis
  • to describe the formal elements in artists’ work engaging in critical question and answer sessions through works of art
  • to express thoughts and feelings through art
  • to learn how artists tell stories in their work, recreating famous works of art, studying it in depth
  • to describe paintings using the correct language of art, critically analysing them
  • to use art to tell stories

Focus Artists: Various





Design and Technology: Kapow Y3 – Electrical Systems

Static Electricity

  • to observe the effects of static electricity on different objects before designing and making a simple game which uses static electricity
  • to use design criteria to develop ideas
  • to use electrostatic energy to move objects in isolation as well as part of a system
  • to evaluate and adapt designs
  • to understand what static electricity means and how to generate it knowing what a target audience is

Focus Artists: Various




Design and Technology: Kapow Y4 – Mechanisms

Slingshot Cars

  • to use kinetic energy to power slingshot cars, designing and making their own
  • to test their effectiveness in time trials
  • to develop designs using the views of others to improve them
  • to use nets and tabs to design and make the car body
  • to measure, marking, cutting and assembling accurately
  • to test products in time trials
  • to learn component names (chassis, axle etc.)
  • to understand the effects of car body shape on speed (air resistance) and use this to inform final shape designs

Focus Artists: Various



Phase 3 (Years 5 and 6)

Phase 3

Cycle A


Cycle B



Art and Design: Kapow Y5 - Formal Elements of Art


House Drawing  

  • to draw from observation

House Monoprints

  • to create a monoprint from observation  

Hundertwasser House

  • to transform buildings in a style inspired by the artist Hundertwasser

Be an Architect

  • to design a building in an architectural style


  • to design a monument to symbolize a building in an architectural style

Focus Artists: Hundertwasser



Art and Design: Kapow Y6 – Art and Art & Design Skills

Painting: Impressionism

  • to investigate great impressionists’ paintings
  • to develop mastery of painting techniques
  • to develop understanding of colour through practical painting exercises
  • to learn how artists represent ideas through painting
  • to understand techniques of impressionist painters

Drawing: Zentangle Patterns

  • to use drawing for relaxation
  • to improve drawing skills through intuitive pattern making
  • to develop skills in using line, pattern and colour
  • to help pupils to achieve mindfulness through art
  • to apply intuitive pattern making to own work
  • to evaluate with peer and small groups to improve outcomes

Craft: Zentangle Printing

  • to create repeating patterns using their zentangle designs
  • to use polyprint tiles to create elaborate zentangle patterns
  • to develop skill, knowledge and understanding of patterns
  • to express own ideas and feelings through pattern
  • to investigate the structure of William Morris patterns
  • to use self and peer review to critically analyse their outcomes

Design: Making a Hat

  • to create 3D sculptural forms using basic art materials
  • to create 3D forms from 2D materials
  • to create imaginative forms
  • to correct and improving outcomes

Focus Artists: Monet, William Morris




Design and Technology: Kapow Y5 – Food

What Could Be Healthier?

  • to adapt a bolognese recipe by adding or altering ingredients and learn about the ethical and hygienic issues of food
  • to adapt a recipe
  • to cut and preparing vegetables hygienically cooking meat safely
  • to taste and adapting the dish during cooking process
  • to know where meat comes from and understand ethical issues around beef
  • to know nutritional values of packaged food

Focus Artists: Various






Design and Technology: Kapow Y6 –  Food

Come Dine With Me

Working in groups:

  • to research and prepare a three-course meal that will be taste tested and scored
  • to research the journey of their main ingredient, from ‘farm to fork’
  • to use recipe books/websites
  • to work with food hygienically and safely working to a timescale
  • to taste and evaluating their own food
  • to understand the risks of meat or fish when not cooked or stored properly
  • to understand safe storage of meat/fish

Focus Artists: Various


Art and Design: Kapow Y5 - Art and Design Skills

Packaging Collage

  • to improve the mastery of drawing and painting skills, learning how to scale art using mathematical process
  • to create drawings using the continuous line method, using writing to draw forms
  • to control line with a pencil to make detailed drawings
  • to describe lines, textures, shapes using the language of art
  • to create ideas for inventions for a purpose in their lives  
  • to use self and peer evaluation to develop ideas and improve outcomes
  • to respond to a famous quote by the artist Paul Klee
  • to learn how animators and artists invent and create ideas for products
  • to learn about the processes of creating original art

Focus Artists: Paul Klee



Art and Design: Kapow Y6 - Make My Voice Heard

Art that coveys a strong message

  • to explore the themes of graffiti art, sculpture, drawing and painting and the messages they carry
  • to create 3d forms in clay
  • to develop drawing and painting skills
  • to develop understanding of line, tone and 3d form
  • to design ideas for the fourth plinth in trafalgar square
  • to learn about Kathe Kolwitz’s portraits, Picasso’s compositions, Wallinger’s sculptures and graffiti
  • to correct and improving outcomes
  • to understand the role of art in wider society.

Focus Artists: Picasso, Kathe Kolwitz, Wallinger,


Design and Technology - Kapow Y5 – Mechanisms

Pop Up Books (swap w T2 Cycle A)

  • to use a range of mechanisms and construction techniques to create a pop up story book for younger children
  • to plan using storyboards and designs, communicating through words and illustrations
  • to make functional components
  • to use layers and spacers to construct pages
  • to cut and assemble with accuracy
  • to constantly evaluate progress against design
  • to understand sliders, levers and linkages
  • to understand structures and mechanisms

Focus Artists: Jan Pienkowski  



Design and Technology: Kapow Y6 – Mechanisms

Automata Toys

  • to develop their woodworking skills and explore cams to design and make mechanical window displays
  • to experiment with cams to make suitable design decisions
  • to measure, mark and cut woodwork accurately
  • to select appropriate equipment
  • to assemble components accurately
  • to check accuracy of work
  • to name types of cam
  • to know how cams impacts follower movements

Focus Artists: Various


Art and Design: Kapow Y5 - Architecture

House Drawing  (swap w. T1 Cycle A)

  • to improve their mastery of art and design techniques, including drawing
  • to develop their techniques, including their control and their use of materials, with creativity, experimentation and an increasing awareness of different kinds of art, craft and design
  • to create sketchbooks to record their observations and use them to review and revisit ideas
  • to learn about great artists, architects and designers in history

Focus Artists: Various



Art and Design: Kapow Y6 - Photography

  • to create fun and inspirational art using photography, photomontage and drawing methods
  • to develop skills in making art through digital processes
  • to create works of art through cutting, tearing and ripping images
  • to express ideas about art through messages, graphics, text and images
  • to learn about the work of Hannah Hoch, Jenny Holzer and Edvard Munch
  • to critically discuss their own and other's work, adapting and improving work as it progresses
  • to make art with a wider message for society

Focus Artists: Hannah Hoch, Jenny Holzer, Edvard Munch




Design and Technology: Kapow Y5 – Textiles

Stuffed Toys

  • to learn blanket stitch and then design and make 3D stuffed toys
  • to design for a purpose
  • to accurately cut and join
  • to compare 3D object to 2D design
  • to understand constructions methods for 3D shapes
  • to know how to create a hidden seam

Focus Artists: Various




Design and Technology: Kapow Y6 – Textiles

Waistcoats (other units available later in year)

  • to draw a design in accordance with their own criteria
  • to measure, cut and assemble fabric to create a waistcoat
  • to design for a process
  • to accurately cut and join, using running stitch
  • to create something in a given style
  • to evaluate work continually
  • to know how to create hidden seams

Focus Artists: Various