Reading is an essential part of our curriculum and the following opportunities to develop reading skills are incorporated into our school day:

  • EYFS - Year 2: We encourage all of our emerging readers and writers by giving them exciting phonics lessons following the Ruth Miskin Read Write Inc. Programme.  These lessons involve a rich array of speaking, listening, reading and writing opportunities that reinforce phonetic development to meet each child's learning needs.
  • Year 3 - Year 6: Whole class guided reading sessions that focus on everyone reading from the same text, allowing children to access literature that may be above their level of reading.  The children receive outstanding modelling from the teacher and rich discussion with quality questioning, which encourages detailed answers with textual evidence.
  • For All: Classes receive daily reading of a whole class story and the older children are encouraged to read independantly for pleasure.  All children have the weekly opportunity to borrow books from the school library and are exposed to a balance of various reading genres including non-fiction.