Home Learning

PLEASE NOTE: We will continue to provide ALL Home Learning Resources on the school website.

We know this is a really challenging and testing time for everybody.  We want to do our best to support you and your family, to help your child keep learning and busy at home whilst school is closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

None of this home learning is compulsory – we don’t want to add to families’ stress and anxiety at this time, so please don’t worry if home circumstances mean that your child isn’t able to do some/all of the work set.  We are just providing you with resources so that if you are able to support home learning, you have work you can use.

Where possible, we recommend you try to set up a structure to your child’s day.  This will help them with anxiety at this very confusing time.  Schedule in time for learning and time for play, keep to your usual routines about waking up, breakfasting etc.  Lots of people are recommending that parents/carers try to follow similar timings to the school day; we are sharing these with you, but most important of all, is not to stress if things don’t always go to plan! 

  • School starts: 8.45 or 9.00
  • Playtime: 10.45 to 11.00
  • Lunchtime: 12.00-1.00 for EYFS; 12.30-1.30 for Year 1 to Year 6 children
  • End of school: 3:15 



In week 1 of school closure (23 March - 27 March) we provided general home learning packs for children to use at home. 

In week 2 of school closure (30 March - 3 April), we are providing more tailored home learning packs.

All home learning packs are available here.

You can see what the range of activities we intend to cover by looking at our 'Home Learning for Parents Summary' which can be found in the Downloads section below.



Please access EYFS home learning resources here.
EYFS Interactive Learning Diary 
For EYFS children, we are using Interactive Learning Diary for parents to share their children’s learning with us, if you can/want to. More information on how to use Interactive Learning Diary can be found here.
Thank you to those of you who have been using Interactive Learning Diary to send to us what you have been up to at home. We have really enjoyed seeing all the amazing learning and fun you have had at home and we would like you to continue using this system to share your learning at home.


We are also currently establishing Google Classroom connectivity for Year 1-6 children so that you and your child can access Home Learning Resources through Google Classroom.  This approach will enable you and your child to also share their work with their teacher. 

To support home learning in the EYFS, we are gradually moving towards making use of Google Classroom. This will happen over the next few weeks (it is not currently available to EYFS parents).  
More information on how to use Google Classroom can be found here.



We have also put together a list of online resources that you can make use of, if you want to.  Some resources are fun and simple ideas of things for your child to do at home, some resources are specifically online learning platforms, many provide advice on how to talk about Coronavirus with your child.

You can find this document 'Online Home Learning Resources Suggestions for Parents' here.



As always, please ensure that you regularly check on your child’s use of the internet to ensure their safety. Childnet provides very good advice on how to keep your child safe on the internet.


But above all, what all our children need right now is to feel comforted, secure, and loved.  Home learning is not the priority – our children’s mental well-being is, and so is ours.  Let’s do what we need to do to get through these challenging times – be kind to ourselves and to each other…