Organising Home Learning

Consistent routines are important for children, especially during school lockdown.

Routines help children feel secure and confident.  They help with encouraging positive behaviour.

We recommend setting up a timetable for your day.  It's OK if you can't stick to it completely - don't stress!


We also know it's not easy being a teacher! HERE are some tips on how to 'teach at home'.


Lameth Educational Psychology Services have set up a YouTube channel where they have a few short films to help parents. 

Click HERE for a video on how to motivate home learners.

Click HERE for a video (in English) on how to help children manage their feelings.

Click HERE for a video (in Spanish) on how to help children manage their feelings.


At school, we recognise and celebrate it when children try their best - look to celebrate what they DO, and don't focus too much on what they don't do!