Reception Admissions

Sudbourne Primary School admits 45 pupils to the Reception year group each year.

Please note that there is no automatic entry from Nursery to Reception.

Pupils are eligible to start school in the academic year during which they will turn 5. Parents must apply for a school place in the preceding academic year. For instance; if a child is born between 01/09/13 and 31/08/14, they are eligible to start school in September 2018. The deadline to apply for a school place is 15th January.

If you realise that you have missed the deadline for applying, you should contact the Admissions Department for Lambeth as soon as possible.

All school admissions are handled centrally by the London Borough of Lambeth. We operate the standard admissions policy for a Lambeth community school, and places are allocated in order of priority based on the following criteria:

  • Looked-after children

  • Siblings

  • Medical and social needs which are best met by Sudbourne (this requires professionally supported evidence which is assessed by the Local Authority)

  • Distance from the school (in a straight line)

Applicants are encouraged to apply for school places online via the Lambeth eadmissions portal, There is also the option to make a paper application. If you need further information, please contact the Lambeth Schools Admission Team on 020 7926 9503.