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Eggscellent news!! The chickens are here

Cam'ron the Chicken Cooper

My name is Cam'ron, I am the Chicken Cooper.  I love my new job of looking after the chickens, I come and feed them every Saturday, fill up their water and clean out their coop.  I now know the difference between all the chickens and I am starting to know their likes and dislikes.

As the days are getting shorter our hens will stop laying and will have a rest until Spring!


Today I found a colossal egg. Not quite as big as a dinosaur egg. I don't know which of the hens laid it, but they did a good job!


Sudbourne eggs go on sale! 5 for a £1


Looking at the view from our new home!


Our pullets are moving into their new cage in the nursery area at the end of this week. The children have been stroking and learning how to hold them as well as watching their speedy development.


The chicks are getting big!




 All the children have come to the library to watch them in the incubator and learn lots of chicken facts.  Next week the brooder box will spend time in each classroom so the children have a chance to further their chick experience.  Then we will choose four girls to raise into hens and the rest will go to live on a farm.  Our hens will live in a big cage outside the nursery.

The eggs are here, hatching any day now!



Our incredible parents giving up their time to clear a space for the coop on a wet, cold Saturday afternoon although Kenlyn was obviously enjoying herself with the retractable saw!


'Chicken Children' handing out leaflets in the playground, in preperation for our hens' arrival next term!



On 11th April we will start with a batch of eggs which the children will watch hatch and then we will keep four chicks which we will raise into adulthood.

At the end of May, our four chicks will be old enough to live outside.  Their home will be a coop by the Nursery.  Each phase will care for one hen, so all the children will have a chance to look after them at some point.

We have huge ambitions for our hens and hope that when they start laying that the children will regularly cook with the eggs and any suplus will be sold onto families.