Flora and Fauna @ Sudbourne

We are a very green school here at Sudbourne with gardens in both our playgrounds. These have planters and vegetable beds in which we grow a variety of fruit, vegetables and ornamental plants. We also have chickens, rabbits,  a wormery and a new greenhouse.  
Last year Sudbourne won the school garden of the year in the Blooming Lambeth Awards run by Incredible Edible Lambeth. 

News from Pauline, Sudbourne Gardener

We have a ew greenhouse courtesy of the  Windmill Cluster outdoor learning fund.  It is currently full of seedlings sown by myself and the children.  We have all kinds of flowers as well as  beans, peas,  lettuces, spinach, kohl rabí and basil.   There are also tomatoes and chillies which are currently being looked after in my kitchen where I can keep a closer eye on them. 

I have been working with 2 groups of years 5 and 6 children in the garden every Monday since the beginning of the summer term.   We have been busy sowing seeds, transplanting seedlings, weeding, tidying up the beds and replanting the pots and containers around the school.   After half term the after-school gardening club will resume on Mondays.   The children really enjoy getting out of the classroom and working in the garden  and I love passing on my knowledge to them.    

With the prize money from the blooming Lambeth awards we bought a wormery which is full of happy worms making top class compost.   They live in the greenhouse and seem to be thriving.  The children (as do I)  find them fascinating. I also bought a plum tree to be planted in the junior playground  bed and scented plants and herbs for a sensory  bed for  the early years children.  It contains thyme, lavender, sage, a highly scented climber,  mint and more. 

Sudbourne School are going to be taking part in a project called the Young Marketeers Programme run by School Food Matters. The premise of the programme is for students to grow vegetable which they  and sell  at Borough Market to raise money for the charity FareShare. Along the way they learn all about food surplus and the work that the FareShare does. Students benefit from a seed sowing workshop and learn how to be excellent salespeople, building enterprise skills, self-esteem, and confidence. This will be starting shortly and  and the children will be selling the food they have grown in October. 

Meet the new additions to 5/6C: Monty and Malfoy. While Monty (our black and white friend) is docile and gentle, Malfoy keeps us on our toes, much like the character from Harry Potter. Follow our pictures to keep updated on their progress!