School Organisation

Our school is organised into four separate age-based phases.

The Early Years Foundation Stage

Children can attend Sudbourne Primary School in our Nursery from the age of 3 and can start full-time school in Reception in the September after they turn 4.

  • Nursery Class - 26 morning and 26 afternoon places.

  • 2 Reception Classes - 45 full-time places in total.

Sudbourne Primary School offers flexible nursery provision according to the needs of our families.  Children can attend part-time or full-time nursery, or a blend of the two. For more information please visit Nursery Admissions in the Satutory Information section of our website.

Children attend full-time school once they start in Reception. 

Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage have 'free flow' where they circulate between the three classes.  This enables Nursery children to become confident in a Reception environment, while Reception children can befriend and support the younger children in the Nursery. 

Phase 1

Three classes from Years 1 and 2 - 45 children in each year group.

  • One class of younger Year 1 children

  • One class of older Year 2 children

  • One mixed class of typically older Year 1s and younger Year 2s

This arrangement ensures children are with the peers closest to them in age who have spent a similar amount of time developing their early skills. This helps teachers to support their learning and move them towards confidence and success in core skills by the end of Key Stage 1.

Phase 2

The lower junior phase, with three classes from Years 3 and 4 - 45 children in each year group.

  • One class of younger Year 3 children

  • One class of older Year 4 children

  • One mixed class of typically older Year 3s and younger Year 4s

Phase 2 is a very exciting phase for pupils, where they build on the core skills they have developed in Key Stage 1 and also take on more challenging activities which will prepare them for life in the upper junior phase of primary school. 

Phase 3

This is the upper junior phase with three classes from Years 5 and 6 - 45 children in each year group.

In Phase 3, there is an even mix of Year 5 and Year 6 children in each of the three classes.  At this stage, children across the entire age span can be taught in the same classes.  Teachers in this phase plan lessons together, creating a shared experience and reducing the pressure on Year 6 children as they approach the end of their time at primary school.  Year 5 children also benefit from knowing what to expect in their own final year, and so enter it with confidence.