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Computing touches every part of modern life and it is important that our children are taught how to control and use these tools and, importantly, how to use them safely.

At Sudbourne, equipment such as iPads, digital cameras, Beebots, Probots, Easispeaks, video cameras, animation kits, webcams and digital microscopes are used to enhance the teaching and learning of computing and technology across the curriculum.

Weekly focus sessions in our computing suite are used to teach the basic skills and computer science programming objectives from the new curriculum.  Skills such as coding, de-bugging, blogging and creating video animations are all taught using the computers, iPads and laptops.

At Sudbourne, we acknowledge the need to ensure that all pupils are responsible and safe users of the World Wide Web and other communication technologies.  By doing this, the school offers a safe online environment through filtered internet access provided by London Grid for Learning (LGFL), children are regularly taught about safety and online issues and once a year we provide a whole school safety event for pupils and parents.