Secondary School Application

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  Secondary School Admission Process

In September and October, you will need to make an important decision about which secondary schools you want to apply for your child who is now in year 6.

The deadline for Secondary School applications is 31 October 2021.

 We urge you to complete the application online as soon as possible.  

  • If you need help in completing the form, please contact Sudbourne school and we will try to help you. 
  • You will need proof of address and proof of date of birth to complete the form.
  • It can take a long time to complete – maybe an hour or so.


  1. Read the booklet (sent home last term: STARTING SECONDARY SCHOOL IN LAMBETH 2022/23 
  1. Visit this website:

 Secondary school admissions for next academic year | Lambeth Council

       It has all the information you will need about making the application.

  1. Find out about potential schools:

- ask them for their prospectus

- visit their website

- attend online/virtual ‘open days’ – they should be advertised on their webpage or you could call them or check the Lambeth booklet for more information.

  1. Check the Admissions Criteria for the school – does your child meet these criteria? If not, then don’t apply to that school.
  1. Check if the school has Supplementary Information Forms that they require you to complete in addition to the Common Application Form. Sometimes these forms need to be sent to the school BEFORE the deadline of 31 October.  Check carefully.

 Supplementary information forms (SIFs) | Lambeth Council 

  1. Check if the school(s) you are applying to hold Admissions Tests. Some schools do, some schools don’t.  Check the booklet from Lambeth which will tell you if the school does use admissions tests.   You MUST complete the Secondary Information Form (see pt 5 above) and submit it before the school’s deadline to get a place for your child to sit the Lambeth Ability Banding Test used by some Lambeth schools – which will be held on Saturday 14 November.  Some other schools, will hold their own testing arrangements – check the booklet for more information. 
  1. Check you have the important proof of address and proof of date of birth This website will tell you what documents are accepted:

 Proof of address and date of birth documents for school admission  applications | Lambeth Council 

  1. Apply online via your HOME borough. g. if you live in Lambeth, you need to complete the Lambeth Common Application Form.  If you live in Southwark, you need to complete the Southwark Common Application Form. 

Apply for a school place in another borough | Lambeth Council



You will need to keep this if you want to access your application at a later date

  1. List the schools you want to apply for (up to a maximum of 6). 

You will receive an automatic email to confirm receipt of your application.


The easiest place to find more detailed information about Lambeth schools, school open days and how to apply online is here:  

Secondary school admissions for next academic year | Lambeth Council

Or just search online for ‘Lambeth secondary admissions’. 

If you need help in completing this application, please contact Sudbourne School and we will be more than happy to help you out.