Secondary School Application

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Secondary School Application - Offers

Secondary National Offer Day - Tuesday 1 March 2022

If you applied online and on time, you'll be sent an email on the evening of  Tuesday 1 March 2022 telling you your child's school place offer. You can also check the offer on the eAdmissions website - click HERE for the link to eAdmissions site.

If you applied using a paper form, an outcome letter will be sent to you by post on 1 March 2022.

If you applied after 31 October 2021, your application will be processed after 1 March 2022 and an outcome letter sent in due course afterwards. There are no set timescales for outcome letters to be sent.

Click HERE for Lambeth's information on National Offer Day

For further advice about the secondary transfer admissions process and what to do about the outcome of your application please see one of the following question and answer sheets:

What do I do next - my child has been offered an allocated place?

What do I do next - my child has NOT been offered an allocated place?

Most of the advice given by the School Admissions Team is stated in the details contained in the above information sheets. If, after reading the relevant Q&A sheet you still have questions that are not covered, please contact Lambeth School Admissions Team on 020 7926 9503.

Responding to Offers

It is vital that you respond to the offer the offer your child has been made by Tuesday 15 March 2022. 

If you applied online, you must respond to the offer online. 

See Lambeth's instructions for accepting an offer online.

If you applied using a paper Common Application Form (CAF), you must respond using the reply form enclosed in the offer letter.

It is strongly advised that any offer made is accepted, even if it is a preference or an allocated offer. By accepting the offer, it does not mean that an offer for a higher preference cannot be made from the child's CAF later on, but it will secure a place for your child.

Offers not accepted by 15/3/22 could be withdrawn.

Offers can be rejected online, but will only be confirmed by us if the child has another school to attend or the family are moving away. The name of the other (usually private) school offered or area that you are moving to must be provided when the offer Lambeth have made is being rejected. 

Late applications, offers and waiting lists

Late applications will not be processed until after 1/3/22, there is no timescale or set date for an outcome reply.

Waiting list places will not be available until at least 22/3/22. Please note that some schools this year have used random allocation instead of ability banding due to Covid-19. This means that waiting list places will change over time as new applications are included.