Our aim is to induct children at Sudbourne into the creative world of music through dynamic and exciting lessons. Our musical program has three major focus areas: Practical, Aural and Compositional. Lessons teach pupils how to creatively produce music through instrumental and vocal techniques, be able to effectively express moods and intentions of different genres/songs and most importantly have fun!  


In early years pupils learn to copy and make simple rhythms using percussion instruments. They learn to express how songs make them feel, as well as identify simple concepts such as speed and volume. There is a large focus on singing, and group performance.

Phase 1

There is a large focus on song creation such as making a sound scape: recreating environmental sounds using a variety of instruments including their own body and voice, then connecting it to a personal experience. Pupils participate in group activities to compose small tunes, always the focus is on creativity and expression.

Phase 2

Pupils begin to delve into the components of music: timbre, dynamics, tempo and structure and begin to learn how to notate simple rhythms in combination with instruments and performance. Furthermore, pupils evaluate songs with reference to key musical terms i.e. Mezzo Forte: in a minor key and featured the following instruments, etc.

Phase 3

Building upon acquired knowledge pupils begin to gain an intimate knowledge of music. The focus for this phase is to effectively couple method and creativity. To create music with attention to detail; for instance to create a full song with melody, harmony, percussion and lyrics with an understanding of the song’s effect upon listeners. Above all pupils are pushed to be creative and use music as a form of self-expression.