Religious Education

At Sudbourne, we aim to ensure that our pupils develop a positive attitude towards other people and to respect their right to hold different beliefs to their own.

Our curriculum encourages the development of a positive ethos, both within the school and the communities around and aims to allow pupils to grow and develop in their search for values.

Our journey throughout the school provides a wide variety of skills. This begins in EYFS where they are taught through cross curricular links which focuses on several themes, such as: celebrating special times, stories and what they tell us, identity and relationships. 

As pupils move up the school in KS1 and KS2, they expand their learning through a systematic study of Christianity and the other 5 principle religions in the UK (Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism).

The SACRE syllabus provides opportunities to teach all religions practised within our school community including atheist and agnostic points of view. Pupils are also encouraged to handle artefacts, explore sacred texts and use imaginative play or drama to express feelings and ideas. During class time, teachers encourage their classes to think critically and raise fundamental questions about beliefs and values.

To further develop children's understanding, trips to religious centres, places of worship and visits from various religious leaders and local faith groups are organised throughout the year. 

It is our aim for pupils to leave Sudbourne at the end of KS2 as broad-minded, accepting individuals and we feel our RE curriculum strongly helps to contribute to this.